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ClockWatch Star Sync GPS

Antenna Mountings

International Power Supply Options

Mounting Configurations and Options
The following mounting options are available for the GPS35.  Mounting can be configured by the user. Mounts are not included with the GPS35 and must be ordered as a separate item. 

Magnetic Mount
Trunk-Lip Mount
Suction-Cup Mount
Flange Mount 


Magnetic Mount

The magnetic mount provides a firm, removable mounting attachment to any ferrous metal surface.



Trunk-Lip Mount

The trunk lip mount provides a semi-permanent attachment to the trunk lip of most automobiles.


Suction-Cup Mount

The suction cup bracket provides a removable mounting surface attached to the inside of a window.


Flange Mount

The flange mount allows for a permanent installation on a flat surface. This mounting configuration is ideal in applications in which the underside of the mounting surface is inaccessible.


International Options

Star Sync is also available with a universal power supply:
  • Universal Input: 90-264VAC, 47-63Hz
  • Conductive EMI Meets CISPR/FCC Class B
  • AC Plug available for Europe/UK/Australia or US
  • Available at no extra charge for customers outside of North America, please specify plug type when ordering


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