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GPS-based Timeserver

ClockWatch StarSync
  • Star Sync acquires precise time from GPS satellites operated
    by the US Government for near perfect time synchronization
  • Acts as a timeserver for other workstation/client computers
  • Ideal for highly secure or remote installations
  • No network connectivity required for signal acquisition

  • Time stamp printer with atomic clock accuracy
  • Designed for those who need a permanent, accurate time stamped record
  • OATS Compliant!
  • Stable, Real Time Clock on a PC Card.
  • Keeps accurate time without external access!
  • PCI and ISA card versions available

ClockWatch Pro/Sentry

  • Software that keeps your computer's clock synchronized with the Atomic Clock
  • Sentry version keeps your clock locked!
  • Free 30 day trial
ClockWatch Client/Server

Beagle Software offers a wide variety of time synchronization products: Windows network time servers that work with the built in w32time.exe service, our own network clients, real time PCI clock and ISA clock cards, and time stamp printers.

We also sell clock locking software to keep time and attendance under control, such that only an administrator can change the time on the computer (Perfect for working with employee time card / punch card software).

Beagle Software has a time synchronization solution for you, even if you have multiple client platforms (Linux, Unix, or Mac) are behind a firewall or have no internet connection at all!

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