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Available exclusively from Beagle Software!
  • Time and date stamp printer with Atomic Clock accuracy.
  • Meets NASD OATS requirements (rule 6953) for time/date documentation.
  • Can print a standard or custom message, and keeps a log of every time stamp that is printed.
  • Offers comparable performance to machines costing thousands of dollars!
  • Designed for years of dependable service, with an expected life of over one million stamps.
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation. One year warranty.
  • Quick delivery - have it stamping tomorrow!


Introducing Beagle Software's DocuClock date/time validator. DocuClock prints a time stamp with atomic clock accuracy, for those who need a permanent, accurate time-stamped record. If you are looking for a way to prevent unauthorized date/time changes consider our Sentry product. DocuClock is a full featured, premium product that provides businesses a time and date stamp with an assortment of user-selectable print formats and time displays. It has been specifically developed for securities firms required to comply with the OATS (Order Audit Trail System) mandate (Rule 6953). More information on OATS.

Using the included software and cable, DocuClock receives time impulses from a Windows-based PC. This application is well-suited to smaller securities locations that may need to synchronize only a few clocks, or to larger firms that want to achieve OATS compliance by using a master clock. Its attractive yet rugged design, the DocuClock is perfect for both office and industrial environments.

Software Features:

  • Accurate, computer-controlled time output.
  • OATS Compliant:  ideal for traders who must show seconds on their trades as required by NASD-OATS and the SEC regulations. 
    Prints: Year/Month/Date/Hours/Minutes/Seconds
  • User-selectable print formats: Standard or custom messages.
  • Automated Activity Log: A log entry is added every time a timestamp is printed.
  • Atomic Clock Accuracy: with ClockWatch software installed, the host computer can be set to receive time signal once, twice, or several times a day. NIST time signal can be received through a modem or the Internet.
  • Multi-User: Since it can run as a service, DocuClock is available for time stamping whenever the computer is on, regardless of who is logged in.
  • Synchronized Time:  Computer sends time signal to printing unit every time a time stamp is made.
  • Accurate:  Accuracy within +/- 1 second per day.  When used with ClockWatch, DocuClock will not accumulate time drift because it is synchronized every time a time stamp is made (OATS allows time drift of up to three seconds per day).
  • Fail Safe Mode:  Only prints if accurate. Unlike other time print systems, DocuClock will only print the time if it gets a reading from the clock running on the host computer. Other time clocks can accumulate several seconds of drift between readings.
  • Automatic "no print":  If for some reason DocuClock does not receive a time signal, the time will not be printed. 
  • Scaleable:  DocuClock can operate either stand alone for a single user or several units can operate together on a LAN. Unlike some time stamp systems, DocuClock can communicate over your existing network. More...
 Want to print a time stamp with your existing printer? Look at our TimePrint software solution.

Printer Features:

  • Auto Print:  Dual optical paper sensors print automatically whenever a paper slip is introduced.
  • Desk Friendly:  The desktop DocuClock time stamp unit measures only 7 x 7.5 inches. It is available in either white or dark gray.
  • Ribbon Cartridge:  Snap-in Ribbon Cartridge (Blue or Black).
  • Commercial Quality: Unit is designed for years of dependable service; the print head has an expected life of well over 1 million stamps.
  • Prints graphics: A company logo or image can easily be added to your time stamps.

Print Samples:

The following illustrates a sample Time/Date stamp print format. The User-Selectable print options are shown in the User Guide that accompanies DocuClock, which allows you to customize the way the time stamp is printed.

FEB 01, 2005 AM 9:00:39 - Sample format of Date/Time Stamp



DocuClock Includes printer, software, cables, installation video and manual.


DocuClock includes ClockWatch Pro Software


See if you qualify for a month of free stamping!

DocuClock Serial
Direct Print, serial (RS-232) interface
Sale $745.00

DocuClock Parallel
Direct Print, parallel (printer) interface

Sale $745.00

        Add a ClockCard a real time master clock on a PCI card. Provides a stable reliable time base and backup.

       Add a USB adapter to connect your DocuClock Serial printer to your computer's USB port.
Special Offer! Order 3 or more DocuClocks
(Serial or Parallel) for just $695. each.

Save! A limited number of refurbished DocuClocks are also available for $545. each. Call us for details.

Replacement Printer Ribbons also available

For larger volume pricing and availability,  contact us at
or call +1 877-845-2549 toll free


We typically ship same day if the order is received by 3:00 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday. Overnight shipping is available to locations within the continental US, pending available of local delivery service.

System Requirements:

Computer Windows PC (not included) with available parallel (Model DCP)  or serial port (Model DCS).
Computer Interface Model DCS - Serial (RS-232C) 
Model DCP - Parallel (CENTRONICS)
More info on cables
Cable Printer or Parallel cable (included)
Clock Accuracy Depends on Computer Clock.  With the included ClockWatch software installed, accuracy is better than +/- 1 second from UTC.

Additional Information

DocuClock is a registered trademark of Beagle Software, Inc.


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