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Using ClockWatch with DocuClock

ClockWatch is Beagles Software's time-synchronization software utility. ClockWatch allows you to set your computer’s clock to the atomic clock over the Internet. 

  • ClockWatch makes periodic checks over the Internet to verify that the computer’s clock is correct. If a time change is necessary, it sets the computer's operating system clock. More on ClockWatch

Since the DocuClock software uses the computer operating system clock for getting the time, having ClockWatch run periodically insures that the time DocuClock prints is the exact time.

With ClockWatch installed it's easy to maintain the correct time. You can access ClockWatch directly within DocuClock.

The DocuClock/ClockWatch combination gives you an easy way to print the exact time on documents.

ClockWatch Pro is included with the purchase of DocuClock.

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