DocuClock TimePrint
for Windows

Time stamp any document using any printer!
DocuClock TimePrint for Windows lets you time stamp any document using your regular application and regular printer. TimePrint lets a document be marked with the date and/or time on the top, bottom or even as a watermark across the page!


 Windows Print Utility with Time Stamping Ability

Produce custom time stamps with a host of layout options

  • TIME STAMP: Print the date and time from any program using any printer
  • VERSATILEPrint time stamps, labels, messages, legal notices etc. on every page of printed output. You control what gets printed and where its printed on the page.
  • FLEXIBLE: works with any printers installed under Windows including Network based printers.
  • SCALEABLE: Includes a network print version that installs on a file server, so any user with access to the file server can use TimePrint simply by connecting to a shared printer. More...
  • ATOMIC CLOCK ACCURACY:  With the optional ClockWatch software, the host computer can be set to automatically synchronized to the Atomic Clock. Time stamps can then be traceable back to the NIST.
If you are looking for a separate Date/Time stamp printer or need OATS compliance, consider the DocuClock printer.

Print time at the top, bottom or middle of page!

DocuClock TimePrint works with any printer supported in Windows.   This software solution lets you print time stamps and messages on your regular Windows printer Print as you normally would from your regular application.

How it Works

  1. The user prints a document from an application in the normal fashion.
  2. The print job is sent to the DocuClock print driver which adds the time stamp and then forwards it to the designated printer. 
  3. The printer prints the document with the time stamp included.
  4. After printing, the printer is ready for the next stamp.

TimePrint is available for a free 30 day trial!

System Requirements

  • Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP/2003
  • Printer installed and working from Windows.


DocuClock TimePrint for Windows  (Model DCTP) $49.95
Volume licensing available for 2 or more licenses, contact General Information us.

How to Order
DocuClock TimePrint can be ordered directly from Beagle Software's on-line store.

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