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ClockWatch ServerMP
 multi-platform capable timeserver

ClockWatch ServerMP is an Enterprise Wide timeserver designed for networks made up of several different platforms.

ClockWatch ServerMP is a dual functioning application that maintains time on server and also services client requests for time. The server communicates with external timeservers to maintain the correct time.


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ClockWatch ServerMP

  • Multi-platform capable - ClockWatch ServerMP can act as a timeserver for your network and supports all of the major time sync protocols (SNTP, NIST, TIME, DAYTIME) running on your Linux/Unix/Netware/Mac/IBM clients.  Also provides time to many network and telecom devices. More info...
  • Traceable: The Server maintain logs showing every time change on the system.  The Time Audit feature shows you the time sync status of your network at a glance. Alarms email you when clocks are off.  Will log events to a remote syslog server.
  • Secure: Since clients don't need to talk to timeservers on the Internet, Internet traffic is reduced and the integrity of corporate firewalls is maintained.  Adding a GPS receiver lets you avoid the Internet entirely. The Server can run as a Windows service. This prevents regular users from changing the settings.
  • Expandable: GPS, radio and clock card time base options are available.
  • Dependable: We've been selling Client/Server time sync solutions  worldwide since 1998 More... ClockWatch Server was also Microsoft 'Certified for Windows XP' by an independent test lab in 2004.


In this  diagram, ClockWatch ServerMP is servicing the time requests from workstations running NTP client software.

 ClockWatch ServerMP also keeps the computer it is running on set to the correct time by accessing the Atomic Clock over the Internet, GPS or through a directly dialed connection.

ClockWatch ServerMP can handle time requests from clients running Windows, Novell, UNIX, Linux and Mac O/Ss as well as routers, and other IP devices. More..

Download a trial copy of ClockWatch ServerMP today and see how easy it is to get in sync.



ClockWatch ServerMP
for Win 98/Me/NT/2k/XP/2003

CWServMP $149.95  

Additional options and accessories:

        Add a ClockCard a real time master clock on a PC card. Provides a stable, reliable time base.

        Add a GPS Receiver to get time from GPS satellites. Provides a reliable time base for remote or secure locations.  
        Add a Radio Receiver to get time from WWVB broadcast. Provides a reliable and  secure time base.  

  Prices in USD.  Site licensing discounts apply.  Contact Beagle Software for a quote.

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System Requirements

For complete information see ClockWatch Specifications.

Minimum requirements:

  • Internet Connection (ClockWatch ServerMP)
    • Uses a WinSock connection for network communication.
    • Internet connection to NIST and Daytime timeservers is made over TCP port address 13 - this is commonly called the ‘Daytime’ port. NTP timeservers use port 123 while Time timeservers use port 37.
    • The local TCP port used for the connection to a proxy server is user selectable.
    • ClockWatch can be configured to run behind a proxy server, see ClockWatch behind firewalls.
  • Client Connection - NTP clients typically communicate with ServerMP using the SNTP protocol on port 123


For more information on ClockWatch Client/Server, please complete the information request form.  Or call us toll-free at 1-877-845-2549.

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