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ClockWatch Pro
The complete time sync solution for single users
Do you need to keep correct time on a single computer?

ClockWatch Pro will keep a single computer set to the exact time. ClockWatch Pro sets your computer to the Atomic Clock using the Internet or a modem. ClockWatch Pro is backed by a powerful set of user defined options that let you tailor how it works. ClockWatch Sentry has all the features of Pro but will also prevent the time or date from being changed by unauthorized users.

 ClockWatch Software:

  • Makes your computer a precision time keeper by synchronizing its clock with the US Cesium Atomic Clock, the world's most accurate clock.

  • Ensures that your system clock doesn't drift over time.

  •  Has options for manual or automated time setting.

  • Shows you graphic display and detailed logs of your clock's performance.

  •  Allows Internet or direct modem dial-up connection to a wide variety of timeservers. 

For those looking to synchronize more than a single computer see
 ClockWatch Client/Server or ClockWatch Enterprise.


How to Order
System Requirements
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Main ClockWatch  Screen (Pro and Basic)

ClockWatch Pro   (CW95)    $34.95      
ClockWatch Pro is a fully-featured time synchronization utility that allows you to control setting frequency and automation, timeserver used, log results, use Internet or modem connection, and integrates with our ClockCard product.  Pro is the ideal package for users who want the flexibility to tailor the process and manage results.

  System compatibility:  Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2k/XP/2003

ClockWatch Sentry   (CWLock)   $39.95
ClockWatch Sentry has all the time setting smarts of ClockWatch Pro with the special added security of Clock Locking. This unique clock locking feature allows you to lock down the date and time on any Windows computer. Whenever an unauthorized user tries to change the date or time, ClockWatch Sentry blocks the change and logs the attempt.

  System compatibility:  Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2k/XP/2003


Due to deficiencies in the original PC design, clocks in computers are notoriously inaccurate. They can drift from several seconds to several minutes each day. That drift in time can be anywhere from a simple annoyance to a major issue.

ClockWatch keeps the time in your computer set accurately by regularly comparing your system clock to the "atomic" clock at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), accessible over the Internet.  ClockWatch sets your computer's clock to within +/- 1 second of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).


ClockWatch offers you a variety of options for updating your computer's clock and managing the information, ranging from a simple, hands-off approach to a closely- managed process.  In summary, these features include:
  • Makes your computer clock a precision time keeper - synchronizes your clock with the US cesium atomic clock, the world's most accurate clock.
  • Keeps system clock accurate automatically - just set it once and ClockWatch does the rest.
  • Ensures that your system clock doesn't drift over time, and provides graphic display of your clock's performance
  • Options to set your clock manually or automatically on a regular basis.
  • Connect using the Internet or direct modem dial-up, plus other options.
  • The program may be run as a regular Windows application, from a system tray, or from a command lines.
  • Online documentation, as well as free customer support from Beagle Software.

Read more about ClockWatch features and benefits.

ClockWatch Pro Options

ClockWatch Pro/Sentry Options

         Settings to specify manual, automated, or periodic syncing.

     Display options for main screen.

     Timeserver selection and connection options.

     Logs to track time setting data.

     Graph options for viewing results

     BIOS Clock updates Windows from motherboard clock.

     Service lets you run ClockWatch as a background service.

     more on options...


SKU Price    
ClockWatch Pro
for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2k/XP/2003
CW95 $34.95  
ClockWatch Sentry
for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2k/XP/2003
CWLock $39.95

Additional options and accessories:

        Add a ClockCard a real time master clock on a PC card. Provides a stable, reliable time base. Prices start at just $30 additional.

        Add a GPS Receiver to get time from GPS satellites. Provides a reliable and  secure time base.
Special! ClockWatch Pro
ExactSet Atomic Clock

'Clock Block' Bundle!


How to Order

  • Download a free evaluation copy from our ClockWatch Download page.
  • ClockWatch can be ordered through our online store   Call us! 1-612-370-1091 or
    (US & Canada toll free) 

System Requirements

For complete information see ClockWatch Specifications.

Minimum requirements:

  • Internet Connection
  • Network Connection
  • Date/Time Settings
    • Correct time zone must be set in the Windows Time/Date control panel. 

For more information

Free 30-day Trial

Product Information:

   Detailed Product Guide
   User Manual
   Frequently Asked Questions
   User and Editorial Comments

Clock and Timekeeping Information:
   More About Computer Clocks
   More About Time and Time Standards
   History of Timekeeping

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For more information on ClockWatch, please complete the information request form.  Or call us toll-free at 1-877-845-2549 (or +1 612 370-1091 outside US)

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