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ClockCard PCI

  • Stable, real-time clock on a PC card
  • Keeps accurate time without Internet access
  • Features a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator working with a real-time clock with battery backup.
  • Software keeps Windows time synchronized with real-time clock on ClockCard
  • Single-user and network server versions available
  • ISA version available
  • PCI Card fits 5V slot - Not Compatible with 3.3V slots


Beagle Software's ClockCard is an accurate, temperature-stable real time clock (RTC) complete on a PC card. Use ClockCard to dramatically improve the accuracy of your computerís clock. ClockCard is based on a highly stable oscillator circuit and will maintain time on your PC to within 15 seconds/month error. If your computer is operating in a temperature-stable environment, error will be less than 2 seconds/month. Precise time synchronization of ClockCard can be done using ClockWatch.

The most common application of the ClockCard is to maintain the correct time on a host computer. When installed with ClockWatch software, it will set the Windows operating system clock to the ClockCard clock time at a set interval. This allows the O/S and applications to access the correct time. ClockCard can also be used in conjunction with Beagle Software's ClockWatch Client/Server software to provide an internal time standard to service an entire enterprise.

Key Features of ClockCard:

  • Hardware corrects system that loses date or time when powered off.
  • Provides correct date and time at boot up.
  • Software corrects clock that loses time when powered on.
  • On-board Dallas real time clock (RTC) takes the place of existing motherboard clock.
  • Works with most PC hardware. Tested on Intel, AMD and Cyrix platforms.
  • Integrated with ClockWatch to provide a two-leveled time standard.
  • Time setting utility (included) lets you view or set time on ClockCard.
  • Maintains correct date and time even with CMOS battery failure.
  • Available in both newer PCI and legacy ISA slot versions.
  • Now available! Drivers for Linux and SCO Unix.


Product Name Bus Bundled with Operating Systems



ClockCard PCI Pro PCI ClockWatch Pro Windows 98SE/NT/2k/XP CCPCINT


ClockCard PCI Sentry PCI ClockWatch Sentry Windows 98SE/NT/2k/XP CCPCILock


ClockCard PCI Server PCI ClockWatch Server Windows 98SE/NT/2k/XP/2003 CCPCISrv


Star Card PCI Star Sync Server & GPS receiver Windows 98SE/ NT/2000/XP CCPCIGPS

Sale $795.95

ClockCard ISA ISA

not applicable

DOS/95/98/Me NT/2k/XP CC

Sale $59.95

Addtional Information:

  PCI VersionISA Version

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