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ClockWatch Cell Sync CDMA based timeserver

  • Cell Sync acquires precise time from CDMA Cell broadcast   (Sprint or Verizon)
  • Functions deep inside buildings with no external antenna
  • Ideal for highly secure or remote installations
  • No cell phone account required
  • Acts as stratum 1 time base for complete site synchronization
  • Accurate to 10 millionths of a second

The CDMA spread spectrum receiver can be used anywhere a cell phone can be used, even under marginal signal conditions. This internal time receiver eliminates the cost and inconvenience of running cable, as required for GPS or PC synchronization. Like GPS, the CDMA receiver will automatically select one of several transmitters, making the system redundant and extremely reliable.

There are no monthly fees or other ongoing charges associated with CDMA time reception.

CDMA transmitters are accurate to 10 millionths of a second. Atomic time and date transmissions are received, updating the clock every second of the day.

An indicator light on the display illuminates when the clock is in sync with the U.S. Atomic Clock. Because the receiver is self-contained, the time display may be moved to another room or building without rewiring.

Beagle Software's ClockWatch Cell Sync offers the total solution for enterprise-wide time synchronization. The ClockWatch Cell Sync acquires precise time signals from CDMA cellular broadcast. These signals, based on atomic time standards,  allow Cell Sync to distribute consistent, time to your PC or network.  How it works...

While GPS receivers offer similar precision and reliability, GPS antenna installation is often difficult in a business or industrial environment.  For the best reception GPS receivers require that an antenna be installed with a wide-angle view of the sky.  In some locations running a cable to the roof or window can be cost prohibitive.

The ClockWatch Cell Sync is a full-featured, Stratum 1 network time server easily configured into a network.  Bringing the ClockWatch Cell Sync on-line requires only loading the software on a Windows PC and attaching the CDMA receiver through an available serial port. Also compatible with Linux...

The ClockWatch Cell Sync network time server is an essential resource for today's enterprise network. Keeping accurate time on computers across the network is critical in many applications, including file time stamping, database transactions, e-commerce, and network security.  Because you can synchronize the ClockWatch Cell Sync to the CDMA broadcast, precise network synchronization is available across the US. If you are looking for a GPS receiver that connects to your computer consider our Star Sync .

This CDMA atomic time receiver is completely self contained with a small stub antenna located on top. The clock will display the correct time, with absolute accuracy, all the time.

CDMA Receiver
(Apx 2" x 5" x 4")


The ClockWatch Cell Sync is ideally suited for delivering system-wide split-second timing companies with highly secure or remote networks.

  • Certifiable time stamp with audit trail to NIST
  • Multiple time sync options: CDMA, Dial-up and/or Internet
  • Fully redundant and fall back modes
  • Stratum 1 network timeserver - functions as an NTP timeserver
  • Complete kit has Easy to install CDMA indoor receiver
  • Can run off either RS-232 interface or external power supply (included).
  • Cell Sync provides the total solution for enterprise-wide time synchronization over the network.

Advanced Feature: Full CDMA setup and testing capability,  data logging, trace mode. More...

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